the coffee situation

Obviously there is a coffee situation … there is always a coffee situation.

I don’t know where it is from or who makes it, but Texas Pecan coffee is good. some friends with the Dallas last weekend and brought me some back and it has made the week good.

my ceramic French Press may be the best purchase I’ve made this year. I had an older glass one and I shattered it on a camping trip this spring. I quickly ordered it’s replacement on the way home and it has been a great pick.

As much as I love a good whistling kettle as the next person, I try to be as wise as possible with my propane usage, especially now while I am still waiting on my wood-burning stove to arrive.


draining the tank

The uphill battle of avoiding freezing pipes seemed like too much to bite off between August 22nd and the first freeze (which ended up being about 3 weeks). After purchase, I quickly made the decision to live without running water and traditional plumbing. 

I removed the black tank (read: disgusting task) and old toilet and installed a composting toilet. (below: part way through install)

I bought a plastic tub for the sink so that I catch any liquid that could potentially go down there.

I got some plastic camping growlers to carry water in. I fill them up every few days for drinking water, brushing teeth, and brewing coffee. 

Jerry sold me the trome with a full tank of water. A tank full of Penrose water, which apparently is no good. Last weekend before the snow started flying, I finally drained the big tank. It was like Tink was peeing out there in the middle of the Ranch’s field. 

And for all those who want to know … so far, so good. 

the trome


There were many names thought of when I bought my airstream …

  • the trome (see above for full definition)
  • Tink, as in the “tink, tink, tink” sound that would happen if you tapped on the exterior. There is also a lovely, hand-drawn fairy on the door. Drawn not by me, but by someone in the past 40 years of ownership. It doesn’t resemble Tinkberbell at all but that’s the association.
  • the canned vegetable. (FYI: I’m vegetarian.)

But there were even more hashtags …

  • #tink
  • #tromelife
  • #tromesweettrome
  • #skinnygirlcoldwinter
  • #rollinwithmytromie

Trome is obviously where the blog title comes from. Shout out to Special K for the blog title and being more excited than anyone else about this blog.

the first sleepover!

Tink and I had our first guest!

Who: Sarah (aka Squar)

What: she came out to Colorado from North Carolina so that we could go see Ben Howard at Red Rocks.

When: October 3rd!

Sarah is so great! Our friendship has really deepened over the past year – she came to Colorado for a month in the summer of 2014, then came back for family Thanksgiving in November. Over those 2 trips she fell in love with this state (who wouldn’t). She came back to CO for the whole summer this year and we started it out with a bang by camping on the rim of the Black Canyon.


Squar is the coolest and is super ballsy. This year she has decided to not be in school at State, but has stayed in Raleigh so that she can keep hanging out with high schoolers at Athens Drive and pursue a ministry certificate from Southeastern Baptist Seminary.

Hey, thanks for coming!


(Upon entering while I was eating spinach out of the skillet a few nights ago)

“You can cook in here? Can you cook pancakes?” -Megs

Yes to both. Spinach, Ezekiel toast, and pancakes happen to be my specialties. 

how to stay warm

… or at least how I’m going to try to stay warm.

Tink and I are parked just outside of Fraser, Colorado in Tabernash. Note that the climate is referred to as subartic and the average annual high is 32.5.

I researched as much as I could find about people living full-time in cold climates and there actually aren’t that many people who do so. Who would’ve thought? I did stumble across a couple of forums about the subject, which were super helpful and encouraging. I also found this post that had good, over-arching information.

The one thing I knew I wanted was a wood burning stove! I decided that it was my absolute best and cheapest option to crank heat all winter long.

Ultimately, I decided to go with a Gray Stove. They are a little mom & pop welding operation out of Pennsylvania making small custom wood burning stoves. Pam is always enthusiastic and super kind when we speak on the phone. The size will be just perfect for Tink!

I am still waiting on the shipment of my stove! I am anxious to get it in and get it installed! Currently, I have been using the propane furnace in the trailer to keep warm through the night, but it also hasn’t gotten too too cold just yet. My coldest night thus far was 14.

in the meantime…

The week that I bought Tink, my life took a bit of a turn and it was a welcomed distraction. My mom flew out from North Carolina and spent the week in Fraser and helped get the ball rolling so I could move in full time before too long.

The previous owners (Jerry and his wife) breed and show miniature French Bulldogs. There was some cleaning to be done. Mom took on the cleaning like a champ.

The previous owners (Jerry and his wife) were apparently into big horned sheep. so much so that all of the curtains were material with pictures of the animals. I have regrets about not having a good picture of fabric.

The previous owners (Jerry and his wife) had matching green bedspreads on the twin beds. I didn’t love them and had Mom take them to the thrift store. I later found out that 2 of my friends did love them and bought them for themselves.

I was able to leave it parked at the property where I work until move in time, which was such a gift!

Mom, thanks for all of your hard work and elbow grease. And for supporting this idea of trome living.

the purchase

i bought an airstream.

It had been about two weeks since the trip to Westcliffe. And I was back at it.

I came across On there, I found a ’75 Argosy in Penrose, CO. After looking at pictures for a bit, I found a weekend to go down and meet the current owner, Jerry. Everything fell into place for the weekend: a friend with a big truck could come with me, we could stay with another friend in the Springs, the other friends’s dad could come as backup. 

When we arrived at Jerrys I knew we were in for a treat. The Argosy sat out front, welcoming us as we came through the cattle gate. Jerry walked me through the whole trailer, not leaving out a detail – I could tell that he really loved this thing. 

I was feeling good about it all but didn’t want to bite too soon. We walked around his property and saw his 15 miniature French Bulldogs, his naked-necked chicken, his other chickens, his goat, his horse – the place had a lot going on. It gave me enough think time and I was SOLD. 

Then there was an exchanging of a check, a Bill of Sale, and the title. Jerry helped us hook the Argosy up to the truck and watched us drive away. We still keep in touch and Jerry has promised to never forget me. 

After all the time of prelude, it happened fast. I was a trome owner. 


the almost-purchase

i bought an airstream. almost. 

I had been dreaming of some sort of alternative living situation for a while. My old roomie and I considered living in a yurt for a while. I visited some folks while they constructed their own tiny home. Emails were sent about long-term airbnb options. 

But then it came down to an airstream. 

First I browsed Craigslist, and I had a hit! One night after work I drug Squar with me to Westcliffe, CO, a good 3 and a half hour drive. We picked up another friend, a guy friend who works in maintenance, on the way for good measure. The trailer was really cool – the classic silver airstream. This one way a Land Yacht. Berry, the guy we were meeting was a kind little man: an older gentleman, loves his wife, and has a passion for things with character. 

But it just wasn’t the one. So we drove to Salida to eat pizza to celebrate making at least some kind of decision.