the trome


There were many names thought of when I bought my airstream …

  • the trome (see above for full definition)
  • Tink, as in the “tink, tink, tink” sound that would happen if you tapped on the exterior. There is also a lovely, hand-drawn fairy on the door. Drawn not by me, but by someone in the past 40 years of ownership. It doesn’t resemble Tinkberbell at all but that’s the association.
  • the canned vegetable. (FYI: I’m vegetarian.)

But there were even more hashtags …

  • #tink
  • #tromelife
  • #tromesweettrome
  • #skinnygirlcoldwinter
  • #rollinwithmytromie

Trome is obviously where the blog title comes from. Shout out to Special K for the blog title and being more excited than anyone else about this blog.


One comment

  1. Kevin · October 30, 2015

    Shout out Kfar for livin’ the Trome life!


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