cultivating thankfulness

from the Message version of Colossians 3 :: “Cultivate thankfulness… Let every detail in your lives – words, actions – be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way.”

(1) one of my favorite little humans with my all time favorite animal. (2) my new favorite thing to do before putting my shoes on in the morning. (3) long mornings that I get to read in the window seat. (4) celebrating Betsy as she enters TWENTY NINNNNE. (5) opening day we got the afternoon off to ride the chair lift together. (6) getting to watch NC State play football in the trome.


the slow cooker

slow cooker

if you put your beans outside on the post in the sunlight, does that start the cooking process while the soaking process is still happening?

the roof vents


When you live in a trailer working on any and all parts is seemingly manageable. Take this for instance: cleaning and sealing the roof vents. I can simply reach up to them, but to make it easier, a few pieces of wood is all it takes.

There was a nasty Styrofoam-like substance that was covering the roof vents originally (like I think it was original to the trailer). I pulled and scraped all of that old stuff out and left it bare metal. The rim of the vent was previously unsealed, so I put some foam tape (this stuff is my absolute GO TO) around the edge. Then, I bought some wool roving to stuff around where I could still see daylight coming through.