friends on the snow

Good thing we’ve already gotten over 200 inches of snow to play in this year.



  Turns out the addition of the wood burning stove makes me always smell like a campfire, and inspired a new analogy. 

I live in the trome. The trome traps the smell of burnt wood when I heat it up. By living in the trome, by spending my time there I just have the smell about me always. 

I [should] live in Christ. Christ traps the aroma of God to all of the people He created. By [trying to] live in Christ, by [trying to] spend my time with Him I just have the smell about me always. 

I have a terrible, nonexistent sense of smell, but everyone talks about how much I smell of campfire lately. I am not even aware of the stench, the aroma, the fragrance I am exuding. With this new analogy in mind, I can only hope that despite my nature, I still exude the aroma of Christ. I hope that I am living in Christ in a way that people around me, believers and non-believers alike, can catch a whiff when we pass. 

One caveat I have thought through is this: I am not trying to smell like a fire, it just happens, BUT I do desire to be the aroma of Christ. I am seeking Christ, I am not seeking a always-leaving-the-campground lifestyle.