the trome life

Who: my name is Kristin, often called KFarr

What: this is my life, living full time in a 1975 Airstream Argosy, affectionately called Tink. I also call it my trome (as in trailer + home). The Argosy is the painted version of the classic silver Airstream that everyone thinks of, that is why it is ivory. 

When: I bought it August 22nd then moved in September 17, 2015, the day after my 25th birthday. 

Where: in Fraser, Colorado- the coldest incorporated town in the lower 48 states 

Why: I have been dreaming about this for sometime now and it was time to make it happen. My dad says that it’s my West Virginia heritage coming out. 

How: I’m not sure but I’m hoping to figure somethings out along the way 



One comment

  1. Kevin · October 30, 2015

    Following!!!! Forget the Tiny house movement, this is troming!


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